Labyrinth Canyon River Guide Table of Contents

About Labyrinth Canyon

  1. Overview of a trip down Labyrinth Canyon
  2. Are you up for a multi-day float down a wilderness river?
  3. What boats are best for Labyrinth Canyon?

Planning Your Trip

  1. How to organize a private trip
  2. How to find an outfitter
  3. Permit details: when and how to apply
  4. When should you go?
  5. How long should your trip be?
  6. Is a Labyrinth Canyon trip suitable for children?
  7. Some notes on group size

Getting There And Away

  1. Handling river shuttle arrangements
  2. Where is the put-in?
  3. Where is the take-out?
  4. GPS tracks / waypoints

Getting Packed

  1. What should I pack?
  2. Do I need to bring my own water?
  3. Food suggestions
  4. Packing suggestions
  5. Building a groove tube for self-support river trips
  6. Instruments: yes or no?

On The River

  1. At the put-in
  2. Printable river map
  3. Online river map and downloadable waypoints file
  4. Sidehikes
  5. Campsites
  6. Staying safe
  7. What to do in case of an emergency

At The Take Out

  1. Packing up your gear
  2. Getting ready for your shuttle

Additional resources

  1. Recommended gear