What is the optimal group size for a Labyrinth Canyon trip?

When planning your trip, you might be curious about the optimal group size. How many of your friends can you (and should you) invite along on the trip?

First, regulations limit group size to a maximum of 25 people.

However, we cannot imagine traveling with a group that large. Most of the camps are very small and simply cannot accommodate a group of that size.

At high water, it is even more challenging. Camps become few and far between. Many are extremely small and nearly ad-hoc (but still good).

In order to enjoy the serenity of the canyon and keep your options open for available campsites, we recommend no more than 12 people, and a maximum of five boats of any type. If your group exceeds this size, you will be limited to a few specific campsites, some of which may already be occupied by other groups during busy seasons. There is nothing worse than having to pass up a campsite after a long and/or cold day on the river.