What time of year should you float Labyrinth Canyon?

Labyrinth Canyon can be floated at any time of year and virtually any water level. Some times of the year are for hardier souls with better sleeping bags. Read on to find out when the optimal time for a float is.

Labyrinth Canyon is a remote desert river.

What many people new to the desert Southwest of the United States may not realize, is that although it is a desert, it can and does rain. In fact, when it rains, it is often torrential. And because there is little vegetation, hard rains quickly fill dry arroyos with runoff, turning your peaceful campsite in a sandy bottom to a scary and potentially life-threatening heart-racer!

The desert can also be cold. Just as it heats up quickly turn the day, temperatures also plummet rapidly at night. If you are floating in one of the shoulder seasons, be prepared for the possibility of snow.

If you are on a trip with the possibility of cold temperatures, remember that you will also be camping along the banks of a river. It may be wet and it may be rainy.

That said, some of the best times to float Labyrinth Canyon are the shoulder seasons where it isn’t too hot, and isn’t too cold.

Spring time brings high water, which can make making downstream progress much easier, but it also reduces the number of accessible campgrounds, as well as making a number of popular campsites much smaller.

Average Temperatures (Moab, Utah)