Is Labyrinth Canyon suitable for children?

Is Labyrinth Canyon suitable for children? YES (with appropriate precautions).

As a mostly flatware trip, Labyrinth Canyon is a great option for families with young children. Keep in mind however, that even though there is no whitewater, there is no shortage of possible hazards, not the least of which is the river itself.

Like any desert canyon, Labyrinth Canyon can experience high winds that can easily swamp a canoe. In the early season, the water can be cold and induce hypothermia quickly. All children should have an appropriately sized and fitted PFD and be wearing it at all times on the river.

On shore, there is dust and dirt and grime. There is the potential for falls, scrapes, sprains. The insects aren’t as horrendous on Labyrinth as they are elsewhere on the Green but they still exist, including scorpions, bees, hornets, and ferocious ants.

At the end of the day, and with all appropriate precautions taken, the biggest hazard for children will probably be sun exposure. Hats, long sleeves, and sunscreen will help!