Welcome to the Labyrinth Canyon River Guide!

Welcome to the Labyrinth Canyon DIY River Guide, everything you need to organize a successful float down the amazing Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in southern Utah.

Get away from the crowds in Moab and enjoy a unique and inspiring float trip through a remote wilderness canyon packed with amazing scenery, fantastic sidehikes, beautiful campsites, and abundant wildlife.

About Labyrinth Canyon

What’s a trip through Labyrinth Canyon like?

General information on the canyon and what to expect on your trip.

Are you up for a multi-day float down a wilderness river?

Necessary skills and equipment for a fun and safe trip.

Who manages Labyrinth Canyon?

State and federal entities that manage Labyrinth and how it may impact your trip.

What regulations or requirements are there to float the canyon?

General regulations and requirements.

Is a Labyrinth Canyon trip suitable for children?

Should you bring the kiddos or send them to the grandparents?

Planning For Your Trip

Planning a trip is half the fun. What food will you bring? What type of boat? How much beer? How will you get there and how will you fit everything in your boat?

If you have a lot of experience and all your gear lined up, you can float Labyrinth at the drop of a hat. For most people, though, expect to plan your trip several months in advance to ensure availability of gear and shuttles.

What time of year should you float Labyrinth Canyon?
How long should your trip be?
Permit details: when and how to apply

Some notes on group size

Where is the put-in?
Where is the take-out?

Setting up your shuttle

Advantages/disadvantages of Labyrinth Canyon shuttle options
Running your own vehicle shuttle
Arranging a commercial vehicle shuttle service
Arranging a gear-and-person drop off only

Packing For Your Trip

Packing for a multiday river trip in remote backcountry presents its own unique challenges. Here are some quick tips.

Packing Tip

A mesh bag with a plastic garbage bag makes for an easy way to take ALL your compacted trash out of the canyon.

What boats are best for Labyrinth Canyon?
Suggested packing list
Do I need to bring my own water?
Food suggestions
Packing suggestions
Building a groove tube for self-support river trips

On The River

You’ve done it! You’ve got your permit. You are provisioned up, packed, and ready to go. Here’s what you need to know when you are on the river.

  • At the put-in
  • Maps and WaypointsA Google map and a downloadable waypoint file for your GPS